Circle of Security Facilitator

The class is a highly respected program that originated in 1998.

It has credible research to support that parent-child attachment is more secure after the program.  They have shown that both parent and child are displaying behaviors of normalized attachment such as regulated emotions and behaviors that are not avoidant, anxious, or manipulative following the class.  As a result of its fidelity the COS program is implemented internationally (ex. Australia, Europe, China, etc.).  

The class is an 8-week parenting class (1 ½ hour per class). 

Here is a link to their website: 


Professional Consultation or Presentation

Topics: Anxiety, Oppositional/Defiant/Disruptive Conduct, Autism, ADHD, Trauma, Adjustment, Learning

Available to give large group presentations

on how the disorders I treat can interfere with the child succeeding

in a group-setting without appropriate perspective and accommodation.

Services Offered

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