You can connect with your child.


Do you have a child that is difficult to parent or struggling in the classroom?    

Believe me, I know and I want to help.


Are you afraid your child won't have friends or

will not survive in the school setting?


Do others not understand your child's uniqueness? 


Do you want to help your child and don't know how?



You both deserve a joyful connection!


Anxiety      Oppositional/Defiant/Disruptive Conduct      Autism   ADHD      Trauma      Adjustment      Learning Disabled

Dr. Pickerill can help with:






Does your child worry?  Is she irritable or angry?  Does she complain of stomachaches or fatique?  Does she not like going to school?


She may have anxiety.  Learn the skills required to have a calm and secure child. 

Impulse Control 


Does your child hit? Throw things? Yell at others? Tantrum? Bite? Call names?


Together we will help him learn to express his emotions safely 

Foster Care  Adoption


Did your child have a

rough start to life? 

Do you wonder why he does some of the things he does?

Is it hard to feel bonded at times?


You will learn to understand how trauma can impact the way your child views her world

Learning Difficulties

Is your child not keeping up with grade-level academic standards? Is he struggling with reading, writing, or math?

Dr. Pickerill can assist you in making sure your child's needs are being met in the school setting. 

Sensory Tolerance 


Is your child overly sensitive to sound or touch?  Are large groups overstimulating? Does he avoid play? Is he too hyper to play?  

Together we will  discover his unique profile and what he needs.


Services Offered


Providing mental health therapy services for ages 3 to 12 years (preschool thru grade-school age). 


My therapy approach is relational with an emphasis on attachment. 

The parent is often present during the session so she/he can start to understand why the child is acting the way he/she is acting and to equip the parent with the necessary tools needed to help the child.

My desire for your child is to help him/her understand that he/she is beautifully made. That he/she has some challenges and some strengths which need to be understood so he/she can feel secure and loved.


My desire for the parent is that you find empowerment and joy in being the parent God intended you to be. With support, you can be the bridge to your child finding joyful relations.


Specific evidence-based therapy techniques include (see psychotherapy page for an explanation):

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT & TF-CBT)

  • EMDR

  • Theraplay 

  • Behavioral Analysis

  • Play Therapy (child approaches include puppets, sand trays, art, etc.)

Parent Training

PLAY Project.

Dr. Pickerill received her PLAY Project certification and Teach PLAY certification.  PLAY Project is an evidence-based early intervention program for children evidencing autism-like behaviors and their parents. It is a program where the parent is EMPOWERED to make a difference in their child’s trajectory.  The therapist works side-by-side with the parent and/or child’s teacher.

Parent Training for Disruptive Behavior: The RUBI Autism Network.  

Dr. Pickerill this program through Nationwide Children's Hospital.  The evidence-based program is "designed to teach parents of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) how to reduce disruptive behaviors such as aggression, tantrums, noncompliance, and self-injury."

This is a 10-11 week parenting class.

Circle of Security Provider

Dr. Pickerill became a provider in this highly respected program.  It has credible research to support that parent-child attachment is more secure after the program.  Research has shown that both parent and child are displaying behaviors of normalized attachment such as regulated emotions and behaviors that are not avoidant, anxious, or manipulative following the class.   

The class is an 8-week parenting class. 

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